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Dean has been one of the foremost and recognizable chess players in the United States for over three decades.  At the age of 11, he was featured in "Sports Illustrated" and "Boys' Life" after winning several National titles. Both articles labeled him as "one of the nation's top rising chess stars." Dean has consistently been ranked on one of the top players lists in the U.S. for three decades.
As a coach, Dean has trained more national and international champions in a shorter time frame than anyone in US history. In 2006, The New Jersey Chess Federation recognized Dean as the Chess Teacher of the Year due to his ability to help all students, from complete beginners to national champions.  In 2011 the Executive Board United States Chess Federation unanimously voted to award Dean the Frank J. Marshall-Ambassador of Chess Award for his contributions to the chess world.

As more colleges offer scholarships for chess, this extracurricular activity is quickly becoming the way to help your child get into their college of choice.  Many of Dean's former students have been offered scholarships to elite colleges for their chess abilities, and Dean has personally helped them get into top colleges with his recommendations.


Dean's passion for chess can also be found within his books, including the highly acclaimed "Chess Tactics For Scholastic Players", which is used by many teachers of chess as the foundation for teaching the subject.
Dean’s love of chess is apparent in all of his lectures. His wish is for each of his students to develop a life-long passion for the game. Whether your child’s goals are to become a national champion or simply to enjoy a game that has many mental benefits, Dean’s premier coaching style will help accomplish that. 

Dean of Chess - About Us
Dean of Chess - About Us
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