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At Dean of Chess Academy (DOCA), we hold a range of United States Chess Federation (USCF) rated events to improve your child's experience of playing chess competitively and put into practice strategies and theories that they have learnt in class. Players must be registered with the USCF and to play in any of our USCF rated events.

All of our events are USCF rated so you can track your progress online at

DOCA Scholastic

Information:  Online US Chess Federation rated DOCA tournaments are held monthly.  Players competing in these events will automatically be entered into our 2020-21 Grand Prix.  All players will compete in one section with trophies in each division.  Games will be played on

Players should read the Grand Prix Guidance to ensure that they are familiar with the rules and format of the tournament.

Trophies:  Individual trophies are awarded to the top 5 overall players, top 3 rated under 800*, top 3 rated under 400* and top 3 in their first USCF tournament.  Team trophies are awarded to the top 3 school teams (all players from the same school).


*based on USCF standard rating

Registration cost: Early-Entry registration is $20 (Early registration ends 8pm the Friday before the tournament).  $30 after that until 8pm the Saturday before the tournament.

How to Register:  Enter online here

Kid Quads

During this event each player will play against 3 other students within a group of 4 who hold similar USCF ratings.  These are generally held every other Saturday and start promptly at 12:15pm.​

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