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ATTENTION WINTER I & WINTER II Beginner (10am) & Intermediate (11am) Saturday Class Students!!!!

  • The last class of WINTER I 2015 Session will meet on January 31st since January 24th class was cancelled.  

  • The first class of WINTER II 2015 Session will meet on February 7th instead of January 31st. This is due to the cancellation of the last class (1/24) of the Winter I Semester because of snowy weather conditions.

Winter II 2015 Academy Class Schedule is here. Sign up today!

Be sure to check out the 2nd Annual Dubeck Cup/South Jersey Open in Cherry Hill from Saturday, December 27th - Sunday, December 28th.

THE 68th DOCA Scholastic is now rated!  Click here for the crosstable. 

  No.    Name                         St Rate Score

   1. Ippolito, Dean (1)............  NJ 2543   0.0
   2. Privman, Boris (2)............  NJ 2368   0.0
   3. Dehmelt, Karl (3).............  PA 2298   0.0
   4. O'Brien, Matthew J (4)........  PA 2215   0.0
   5. Wilson, Fred (5)..............  NY 2153   0.0
   6. Davisson, Richard (6).........  NJ 1882   0.0
   7. Hains, Jonathan (7)...........  NJ 1734   0.0
   8. Hart, Glen B (8)..............  NJ 1701   0.0
   9. Chin, Jonathan (9)............  NJ 1680   0.0
  10. Umapathy, Vrithik (10)........  NJ 1666   0.0
  11. Chin, Angelica (11)...........  NJ 1584   0.0
  12. Townley, Scott A (12).........  AZ 1102   0.0

Register for it by clicking here!

Winter I 2015 Semester Schedule is here.  Register for your class today!

New Class Schedules and Tournaments!
Due to the high demand for our intermediate classes and the increasing number of students moving up to our advanced level, we will now offer an additional advanced and intermediate class to our schedule.  Our new location will allow for multiple classes to be taught simultaneously, as well as more space for separate tournament play.  We hope that this makes finding a convenient class time easier for you as well as offers more make-up class options.

The new intermediate class will meet Fridays from 6-7pm.  We will also hold kids quads on the following Fridays.  Students who want to make Friday chess day are encouraged to come to the kids quads, followed by the intermediate class from 6-7 pm, and then continue with league play.  

We have also added an advanced class on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:30pm.  Those students will be able to stay for Wednesdays league night at 7:30pm.  We hope that these additions will make it easier and more convenient for students to continue to improve.

Lastly, we have changed the 12:30-2pm Saturday advanced class to 10:30-12pm.  This will give those students the opportunity to compete in kids quads on Saturdays at 12:15.

Check out the Grand Prix standings after out 66th DOCA Scholastic!

Grand Prix trophies will be awarded at the end of our 67th DOCA Scholastic tournament on May 18, 2014.  Winners must be present for the Awards ceremony to receive a trophy. Trophies will be awarded to the top five individual players and the top three schools.

Scholastic Grand Prix after 66th DOCA Scholastic
Player  Total Points  School  Total Points 
Cige, William                    22.0 Orchard Hill                  69.5
Falco, Patrick                    15.5 Raritan Valley Mont                  68.5
Ajith, Aayush                    15.0 MLK                  45.0
Tian, Eddy                    15.0 Village ES                  29.0
Anand, Athul                    12.5 Eisenhower - Raritan                  27.5
Shen, Daniel                    12.0 Round Valley                  21.5
Chinnambeti, Abhinav                    12.0 PG Chambers                  18.5
Lubin, Jacob                    11.5 Whiton                  17.5
Littwin, William                    11.0 Whitehouse ES                  15.5
Ippolito, Maria                    11.0 Montgomery MS                  12.0
Nagarajan, Dhruv                    10.5 Francis A Desmares                  11.5

Congratulations go out to NM Peter Minear and GM Magesh Panchanathan for finishing tied for first place with 3.5/4.0 at our 1st Annual Steve Ferrero Memorial Grand Prix.  45 players competed for $770 prize fund.  We raised $1000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Steve's memory.  Click
here to see the full cross table.  Click here to see the article about the tournament on Chess Life Online.  

Check out the field for our 1st Annual Steve Ferrero Memorial (last update 1/10/14 9:30pm) 

Start # Player Name Rating
1 Magesh Panchanathan 2608
2 Dean Ippolito 2556
3 Peter Minear 2385
4 Boris Privman 2311
5 Karl Dehmelt 2278
6 Matthew J O'Brien 2213
7 Lev Zilbermintz 2102
8 Fred Wilson 2098
9 Anuprita Patil 2088
10 Marvin Shumowitz 2034
11 Roger Pedersen 1976
12 Kevin Chen 1958
13 Jonathan Kleinfeld 1944
14 Richard Davisson 1849
15 Taran Idnani 1827
16 Glen Hart 1813
17 Michael O'Connor 1801
18 Jonathan Hains 1798
19 Roshan Idnani 1784
20 George Chachkes 1716
21 Nick Figorito 1645
22 Lou Sturniolo 1637
23 Vrithik Umapathy 1606
24 Jonathan Chin 1578
25 Angelica Chin 1497
26 Rob Bernard 1489
27 Doug Pecota 1480
28 Todd Jobson 1468
29 Todd Jobson  II 1298
30 Stan Rydz 1218
31 Jaron Bernard 1138
32 Nishant Lebaka 984
33 Sushant Lebaka 595
34 Prayaag Rao 590

All profits from this tournament will be donated to Steve's favorite charity, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

2013-2014 Scholastic Grand Prix after 63rd DOCA Tournament
Player  Total Points  School  Total Points 
Chen, Andrew                  12.5 Orchard Hill                  47.0
Cige, William                  11.5 Raritan Valley Montessori                  32.0
Littwin, William                    9.0 Eisenhower - Rarita                  25.5
Falco, Patrick                    8.0 PG Chambers                  16.0
Tian, Eddy                    7.0 Round Valley                  12.5
Shen, Daniel                    6.5 Village                  10.5
Ajith, Aayush                    6.5 Whitehouse                     9.0
Alvarez, Lindsey                    5.0
Ippolito, Maria                    5.0
Patwari, Mukta                    5.0
Anand, Athul                    5.0
noname6                    5.0
Nagarajan, Dhruv                    4.5
Lockitt, Philip                    4.5
Li, Eric                    4.5
Lubin, Jacob                    4.5
Dequina, Philip                    4.0
Balakrishnan, Naveen                    4.0
Scrudato, Noah                    4.0
Patwari, Moksh                    3.5
Spinrad, David                    3.5
Xin, Andy                    3.0
Vankayala, Ashvik                    3.0
Nemeth, Nate                    3.0
Vallabheneni, Anish                    3.0
Vogt, David                    3.0
Crowell, Brandon                    3.0
Pingili, Arvin                    3.0
Ramanujam, Harrish                    2.5
Weiss, Ben                    2.0
Luo, Sean-Winston                    2.0
Sitaraman, Pranav                    2.0
Vallabheneni, Abhijit                    2.0
Rohacs, Daniel                    2.0
Dobrescu, Ioana                    2.0
Manchiraju, Pranav                    2.0
Chinnambeti, Abhinav                    2.0
Thakur, Gaurav                    2.0
Holmes, Kyle                    1.5
Belli, McCale                    1.5
Reemala, Anish                    1.5
Ippolito, Joseph                    1.0
Bhatt, Prem                    1.0
Thakur, Prachi                    1.0
Franceschi, Max                    1.0

Did you know that . . . 

Dean Ippolito, LLC was formed in January 2002 by International Master of Chess Dean Ippolito.  Our company has grown exponentially since its inception.  Our staff now includes many notable instructors making the staff of Dean Ippolito, LLC unsurpassed.  Our core group of instructors hold many International and National titles.  In addition to their outstanding playing ability, our instructors also have many years of teaching experience.  Their talents combined make our staff one of the finest in the country.  Our organization currently coaches fourteen Nationally ranked scholastic players!

Our Mission

It is our mission to integrate chess into the mainstream of our society so that many people may benefit from all that chess has to offer.

Our Approach

The company realizes the tremendous benefits of chess as a learning aid.  Studies show that chess develops skills which traditional methods tend to ignore, such as critical thinking in a changing environment and problem solving.  Dean Ippolito, LLC also wishes to integrate chess into the fabric of our society as a way of enriching lives.  Many adults chose chess as a means of remaining active.  Chess is an excellent way to stimulate the mind.  Regardless of the age, chess has numerous benefits for the player.  Whether recreational or educational, chess can add quality to our lives.  Our instructors teaching methods reflect their passion for the game and illustrate the joys of chess to our students.  

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